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UE4: Dragon Rider: Theme Park Ride Concept Demo

This was an Animated Ride Concept Demo for Dynamic Attractions created to demonstrate a new Ride system for IAAPA 2017. This Sequence was a collaborative effort between myself and and a co-worker. I took the castle mesh he provided, built the train asset, laid-out the environment, animated the camera, lighting, and created all the Blueprints, including the Train system which allows the user to create a spline which not only allows you to place the track, it also handles the animation for the train itself. The entire project was only given a few weeks from start to finish, with my time split between other projects in the road leading up to IAAPA 2017.

The Dragon, and several other assets came from the UE4 Marketplace, and/or UE4 Content asset packs from Epic Games.

Particles were modified by me, but again largely came from either the Starter Content, or Purchased, largely as a time saving measure as I was working on at least 2 other projects simultaneously.