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"Connie" Multi-Pass Photography Tests of a 10in Diecast Model + Composite

Yesterday I received in the mail my 10 inch diecast model that I ordered of the "Constellation" from Cloud Imperium Game's Star Citizen. So naturally I had to do a Multi-Pass HDR photography test. Each Image is comprised of 3 or more HDR photos taken on my Cannon DSLR camera using my phone as a controller to take the multiple photos per-lighting setup shot in front of a green screen.

Each HDR was compiled in Photoshop, and composited together with CG elements that I made. The Planet was an object I made in Lightwave for the image that has it. The stars were made in After Effects. The Lens Flares were made using Optical Flares from Video Co-Pilot.

I hope to do more of these as a hobby in the future using this model as well as other models that I purchase moving forward. Possibly with Lego's as well. Multi-Pass photography is something that has always interested me, and I hope to at some point incorporate motion control into these kinds of images.