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Unreal Engine 4

This is a page where I Will post my Experiments in UE4, mostly as a filmmaking tool rather than actual game development. Few assets will be far from anywhere near being called "done" or finished. This is my current area of experimentation. Most assets created by me, but I am sure that many will use assets from the UE Marketplace.

Hallway Anim Test UE4. 4.20.1

I have not updated this scene for a long time, so I am getting it ready for the eventual UE4 RTX update, hopefully in 4.21.0.

Hallway TestAnim412 2k

ScrapBot_4KTest 02

Skimmer AnimTest 05

Adding Panels...

Adding Panels...

Just a quick and clunky animation to see what the IN PROGRESS materials look like in motion.

Skimmer LiveCapture

Hallway TEST 05

Hallway TEST 06